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How to change the screen glass on your Haier L55?

It happens to everyone to inadvertently drop his Haier L55. Sometimes your device may not be damaged and other times the damage is apparent.

The most common breakage is the screen.

It is intended for small budgets.

That’s why we decided to write this tutorial to help you repair your Haier L55 screen on your own.

Through this tutorial, we will show you how to change the screen glass on your Haier L55. We will explain all the steps to successfully change the glass panel.

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Prerequisites for changing the screen glass on your Haier L55

Given the price at an authorized repairer to change the broken screen of your Haier L55 which can be around 70 € according to where you take an appointment, we offer this tutorial to repair the glass yourself. To start repairing, you need to purchase tools.

You just have to type “Tool Kit Haier L55” in your favorite search engine.

This kit must be composed of several tools: a screwdriver, a suction cup, a spatula, a clamp, a SIM / SD card ejector and, finally, a microfiber cloth to clean your window. In addition, if the glass is not sold with the kit, then do not forget to order it.

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You won’t have the time to get to “Screen glass Haier L55”, that you will already find plenty of choices.

You should be at a total of less than 30 €, which is half of the price at an authorized repairer.

Once you have these items, you can begin the glass repair of your Haier L55.

Step one: disassemble your Haier L55

Before starting the repair of the glass of your Haier L55, turn it off. You must first remove the rear cover of your Haier L55 using the spatula provided in the kit.

Then, remove the battery and the SIM card from your device with the spatula. Then you should remove the screws one by one with the screwdriver.

And gently remove the cover that surrounds your Haier L55 using the spatula, to avoid damage to the components below. Afterwards, remove the ribbon cable delicately always using a flare.

The ribbon cable is an orange wide wire located at the top of your Haier L55, which connects the motherboard to the touch screen.

You have already completed your Haier L55 disassembling.

Step two: remove the broken glass and put the new glass on your Haier L55

Remove the broken glass from your Haier L55

During this step, be as careful and attentive as possible.

To be able to easily remove the glass, you simply have to heat the edges of your Haier L55 with a hair dryer for about 5 minutes in order to soften the glue.

Next, use the spatula to carefully remove the screen.

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You can also use the suction cup to help you remove the glass.

Put the new glass on your Haier L55

We are coming to the end of this tutorial soon.

Before placing the new glass, remove the film that protects the glass and clean it with the microfiber cloth to remove any impurities.

Then you just have to place the new glass in the same way as the old glass was placed.

Finally, press down on the glass of your Haier L55 so that the glue, which you have softened, sticks to the new screen.

Do not press too hard to avoid breaking it.

Step three: reassemble your Haier L55

You have reached the last step of this tutorial. You must now reassemble your Haier L55. Begin by reconnecting the ribbon cable, then put back the cover that protected all the components.

Then, take your screwdriver to replace the screws.

Finally, replace the battery and the SIM card in their places and reinstate the back cover of your device.

You’re done! All you have to do is turn on your Haier L55 to see if you have successfully completed the tutorial. We hope that we have been able to help you in the best way possible.

If you encounter some difficulties, do not hesitate to ask a friend who is expert in technology, who will help you in this manipulation to change the window of the screen on Haier L55.