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How to save pictures received by message on OnePlus Nord N100

Your phone has many features like calling, making a video conference, or sending instant messages.

But you can also send and receive photos! However, you do not know how to save them on your OnePlus Nord N100… No panic! We’re here to help.

Here is how to save the photos received by message on OnePlus Nord N100. You can receive photos via several platforms such as MMS, instant messaging or email. You can also ask a third-party application to save your photos by MMS for you!

In the “Messages” application of your OnePlus Nord N100

A picture sent or received by text is called an MMS. This means “Multimedia Messaging Service”. If you want to save photos received by MMS on OnePlus Nord N100, the following: go to the “Messages” application on your phone.

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Then open the conversation containing the photo you want to save.

There, go to the desired photo and hold it down.

A menu opens.

Select “Save attachment”. Then check the box of the photo(s) you want to save.

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Press “Save”, it’s over!

In Facebook’s “Messenger” application on your OnePlus Nord N100

Facebook Messenger was originally the instant messaging feature of Facebook. Since then, it has become an application in its own right, with its own functionality such as group conversation, event organization, video calls, and file sharing! So when a friend or loved one sends you a picture, you can react on it, but also save it.

Here’s how to save photos received by Messenger on OnePlus Nord N100. First open the application and go to the conversation containing the photo. If you press the last image of the conversation quickly, you can access all the pictures exchanged during the conversation.

It’s simpler to find received images and save them. On this interface of Messenger, to save, quickly press the photo. An ephemeral top bar appears.

Select the menu made up of three aligned points, then choose “Save”. It’s done!

To save photos received by Messenger on OnePlus Nord N100, you can also simply scroll to the desired image, press and hold it, and select from the menu at the bottom “Save image “.

In the “Gmail” application on your OnePlus Nord N100

Gmail is an email application for your OnePlus Nord N100. The manipulations processed for this application are relatively similar for another similar one.

To start and save photos received by Gmail on OnePlus Nord N100, open the application.

Then, go into the conversation containing the photo you want to save.

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There, you only have to go down the mail to access the attachments at the bottom of the page.

All you have to do is select the arrow pointing to the ground below the photo you want.

From a third-party application

Save MMS is an application that makes it easier to register MMS attachments that you receive.

Once downloaded and launched, the application automatically collects all the MMS messages that you have received so far and that have not been deleted.

Then, you just have to find the picture that interests you, press it, and voilà! Your photos are on your OnePlus Nord N100!


We’ve just seen how to save photos received by message on OnePlus Nord N100. However, if you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to ask for help from a friend who knows this technology.

How do I transfer photos from my messages to my gallery?

Re: How do I move photos from a message into my gallery? Try pressing on the image on the messages thread view and select “Download Attachment” should work.

Is there a way to save photos from text messages?

One Plus Nord Messages

6 ancillary questions

How do I transfer a picture from a text message to my gallery?

How do I forward pictures from messages?

How do I move a picture from messages to photos?

– Tap on the download icon.
– This will open up the Save Photos option.
– Should you only want to choose one, then you just need to tap and hold that image to open it, then select the Save option.
– When this is done, you should now be able to find the images in the Photos app.

How do I save MMS photos on Android?

– From the text messaging inbox, tap the message containing the picture or video.
– Touch and hold the image.
– Select a save option (e.g., Save attachment, Save to SD card, etc.).

Where are my text message photos stored?

If you have manually saved the pictures or audios that are contained in your received MMS, then you can find them in the Gallery app on your Android device. If not, you can only view your MMS photos in the Messages app.

Why are my pictures gone from my text messages?

If your pictures continue to disappear, try clearing the app cache. Since the Messaging app is where you are experiencing this trend, you are likely to reach a resolution by clearing the app cache. Select Settings. Afterwards, choose Apps & notifications followed by MMS.