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How to make a video call on Doro 6520

Making a video call is handy in many cases! You can take a job interview in case of physical hindrance.

You can call your parents or grandparents and make sure that they see you, your children, your pets, your new decor… Or you can show a concert to your better half or your friends who could not come with you! You do not know how to do it ? We are here to help you. Here is how to make a video call on Doro 6520.

With your Doro 6520

You can make a video call directly with the features of your Doro 6520. But for this, you have to activate the mobile data and make sure that your interlocutor does it too. In addition, some devices may not be compatible.

If this is the case, go to the following paragraphs to use a third-party application.

To make a video call with the features of your Doro 6520, select the “Phone” application.

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Enter the phone number you want to call and press the “Video call” icon.

This icon is green with a character image and a phone.

And that’s it.

You can also do this via the “Contact” menu by selecting the contact and pressing the “Video call” icon.

Or from a text message conversation by pressing the “Call” icon and then “Video Call”.

However, devices may not be compatible to make a video call directly with the Doro 6520’s features.

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In this case, you need a third-party application.

With Facebook Messenger on your Doro 6520

Facebook Messenger was originally the instant messaging feature of Facebook. Since then, it has become an application in itself, with its own functionality like group conversation, event organization, file sharing, and video calls! To make a video call with Messenger on your Doro 6520, you must first have Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data, download the application and have a Facebook account.

Once this is done, and you have added people you want to call on Facebook, open the Messenger application.

From there, select the “Phone” icon from the bottom menu and touch the “Camera” icon next to the person you want to reach. Good call!

With WhatsApp on your Doro 6520

WhatsApp is another instant messaging application that works via the internet.

To make a video call with WhatsApp on your Doro 6520, it’s easy.

Download the app, connect to the internet, and add contacts.

Select the contact you want to call. And finally, select the “Video call” key.

There you go !

With Skype on your Doro 6520

Skype is a messaging application that is specialized in classic calling, video calling, and video conferencing.

It is available on mobile and computer! To make a video call with Skype on your Doro 6520, you need to download the app, connect to the internet, and add contacts.

Select the contact you want to call. And tap the “Camera” icon.

You can extend this call to a group by pressing the “+” icon and selecting more contacts.

You can at any time choose to mute the microphone or video if it is more convenient at some point.

To conclude

We’ve just seen how to make a video call on Doro 6520. This is a fairly simple manipulation, but if you encounter any problem, do not hesitate to ask a friend who knows this technology.

What are the A and B buttons for on a Doro phone?

Press (A) from standby to open the phone menu. Alternatively press left selection button Menu to access the phone menu. Press the arrow buttons (B) , and , , to scroll and to select.

Can you video call on a Doro phone?

Tap the “Calls” tab on the top of the app and then tap the green icon with the phone and a plus, at the bottom of the screen, to start a call. Alternatively, use the search field, find your contact, and tap on the video camera icon next to it to start a video call.

Is Doro 6520 a smartphone?

The new Doro 6520 is a traditional ‘clamshell’ flip-phone design. This is compact and portable, with far superior battery life to current all-touch smartphones. The 6520 is a feature phone at heart – it doesn’t have all of the capabilities of a true smartphone.

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Carrier and Operating System The 7050 is exclusive to Consumer CellularConsumer CellularConsumer Cellular is an American postpaid mobile virtual network operator founded by John Marick and Greg Pryor in October 1995. The company offers cellphones, no-contract cellphone plans, and accessories with a focus on users age 50-plus. › wiki › Consumer_CellularConsumer Cellular – Wikipedia, a major virtual carrier that uses the AT&T network.

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