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How to update the Caterpillar CAT B25

Your phone may be functioning slowly, or you may want the latest version of the operating system in order to always be up-to-date.

That’s why we’ll explain how to upgrade your Caterpillar CAT B25. An update of the Android version of your Caterpillar CAT B25 allows it to have the latest features of the operating system and to work with more fluidity.

In this article, we’ll see how to update your Caterpillar CAT B25, how to update your Caterpillar CAT B25 applications, and how to update via a third-party application.

Update the Caterpillar CAT B25

Updating your Caterpillar CAT B25’s Android is a simple, but time-consuming, process.

Remember to charge your phone during the operation so that your Caterpillar CAT B25 does not turn off during the process.

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Also, connect it to the Wi-Fi. The update can not be done via the mobile data. To upgrade, you will normally receive a notification from your Caterpillar CAT B25. Just click on it and follow the steps displayed.

However, it often happens that the notification does not appear.

In this case, you just need to follow these steps: first, go to the “Settings” menu. Scroll to “About the device” and click “Update software”. Finally, click “Update”. You just have to follow the instructions given by your Caterpillar CAT B25 and wait!

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Update Caterpillar CAT B25 applications

If it is your applications that are working with difficulty, a system update is not required.

However, updating applications may be useful. This is why we are going to explain how update your Caterpillar CAT B25 apps. You can either update an application individually or update several applications automatically.

Updating an application individually

First, open the Google Play Store app.

Touch the menu at the top left and click on “My Games and Applications”. Select the application you want to update.

Press “More”. And finally check the box “Automatic update”. This application will update automatically when you are connected to the Wi-Fi.

Update all applications

First, open the Google Play Store app.

Press the menu at the top left, then “Settings”. Then press “Automatically update apps”. You can choose from two options: updating applications at any time, updating applications via Wi-Fi or mobile data; Or automatically update applications via Wi-Fi only, to update applications only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Choose the option that’s right for you. It is done !

Update via third-party application

There are applications for updating the Caterpillar CAT B25. To use them, go to the Google Play Store.

Go to the search bar and type “Android Update”. A multitude of applications will appear to you. Select the one you think is most appropriate.

Do not forget to read the notes and comments of the users in order to judge the effectiveness of the application.

Also, some applications are payable, and some are free.

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Look carefully before downloading one.

To conclude

Updating the Caterpillar CAT B25 operating system is simple to handle.

It allows your device to be up-to-date, and run more smoothly.

However, if you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to ask for help from a friend.

How do you turn on a cat b25?

Press and hold the End key to power on/off your device.

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