How to unlock or unlock the sim of your Wiko Lubi 4

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How to unlock or unlock the sim of your Wiko Lubi 4

Our cell phone has become an essential tool in our everyday life, but there will always be a day when a problem occurs without expectation.

It is very likely that one day, inadvertently, you block your Wiko Lubi 4 without doing it on purpose.

This little hassle can happen to anyone, no worry.

This article will show how to unlock the SIM card of your Wiko Lubi 4, how to unlock the lock screen after a wrong unlocking scheme and how to unlock your smartphone for all phone operators.

Unlock your Wiko Lubi 4 SIM card

You may not remember exactly the PIN of your Wiko Lubi 4. After three incorrect attempts, it blocks the SIM card and your device is no longer of any real use.

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If this happens to you, do not worry, it is very simple to unlock it.

When buying your Wiko Lubi 4, the seller gave you a support where your SIM card was.

All you need to do is get this support and look for the PUK code.

You can also find your PUK code on your customer account accessible on the website of your phone company.

Enter this code on your Wiko Lubi 4 and your SIM card will be unlocked.

Warning ! You only have ten attempts to enter your PUK code correctly.

Otherwise, you may permanently block the SIM card on your Wiko Lubi 4.

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Unlock your Wiko Lubi 4 lock screen after a wrong schema

Your unlocking scheme, which protects you from possible malicious people, can also block access to your Wiko Lubi 4. You may have repeatedly made an incorrect pattern to unlock your device and the phone has been locked.

So you are stuck on the unlock screen and you can not do anything.

Fortunately for you, it is quite simple to solve this puzzle.

After many attempts that have all failed, your smartphone will tell you “Forgotten Model?” “And from there you can unlock or unlock the sim of your Wiko Lubi 4. Just enter your email address and password for your Google Account, which you used when registering on Google Play Store.

Your Wiko Lubi 4 is now unlocked.

From now on, try to enter a schema that you can easily remember.

Unlock your Wiko Lubi 4 for all phone operators

Have you decided to unlock your Wiko Lubi 4 in the event of a problem? Or have you recovered an old phone because yours is under repair? There are several reasons for unlocking a mobile.

First, before you start, make sure that your Wiko Lubi 4 and your SIM card are compatible.

If not, it will not recognize the SIM card.

But also, be careful that you bought your Wiko Lubi 4 more than three months ago, otherwise you will pay for unlocking.

First, take your Wiko Lubi 4 that you want to unlock and request the IMEI by typing “* # 06 #” where you usually dial the phone numbers and call that number.

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It will list your IMEI, which is composed of 15 digits and do not forget to write it down on a sheet of paper.

Then go to your phone operator’s account and go to the “unlock” Wiko Lubi 4 section.

Once in the field, enter the IMEI code and an unlock key will be sent to you by text message.

Finally, you will only have to follow the steps that the website of your phone operator will give you in order to complete the unblocking.

If you do not have a computer, you should just add a number that will unlock your Wiko Lubi 4. If you have a problem, please go to your phone company to help you.