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How to transfer a call on Samsung Galaxy A22?

Do you use the same phone in your professional and personal life? Do you refuse to receive calls on very early Sunday mornings? We have the solution for you. Little known nor used by smartphone owners : call forwarding, also called call transferring, allows you to forward your calls when you do not want to be disturbed.

In this article, we will explain how to transfer a call from your Samsung Galaxy A22 to another number.

What is call forwarding?

Before we begin to explain how to activate and use call forwarding, we will explain the usefulness of transferring a phone call. For all smartphone users, if you do not want to be woken up, not be disturbed or you are too busy, call forwarding is there to help.

You have the possibility to forward your calls to a phone number that you have defined yourself in advance.

This function can be very convenient in any situation.

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Enable call forwarding on Samsung Galaxy A22

It is quite likely that the “transfer a call” function will be disabled on your Samsung Galaxy A22, as this function is not used by most smartphone users.

To get started, go to your Samsung Galaxy A22 settings and go to the “Call settings” section.

Then press “Call Transfer”. You will see four options:

  • Always transfer: transfer all calls to the preselected number
  • Transfer if busy: transfer calls when you are already online with someone
  • Forward if no answer: forward calls when you do not answer
  • Transfer if unreachable: transfer calls when your smartphone is turned off or does not pick up Once you have chosen the most appropriate option for your needs, enter the number to which the calls will be forwarded.

Finally, tap on “Activate”. It’s done ! Feel free to test with one of your friends to see if the call transfer works properly or not.

Transfer calls with third-party applications

It is possible to download an application to forward phone calls to another number.

Simply go to “Play Store” and type “Call Transfer” in the search bar.

You will find various applications for transferring calls with more options than those present on your Samsung Galaxy A22. Simply read the application descriptions and reviews to make the choice that best meets your expectations.

Warning! Some applications are free and other applications are payable.

Therefore, consider whether to invest a sum of money in such an application.

Through this article, we have explained the function of transferring your calls, an option that is often little known by smartphone users.

If you have any difficulties during this operation, contact a specialist or friend, expert in technologies, to help you activate call forwarding.

Can you transfer calls on Samsung phone?

Access call forwarding Menu icon, then select Settings. 3. Scroll to and select Supplementary services, then select Call forwarding.

How do I divert calls to another number on my Samsung a22?

– 1 Launch the Phone app.
– 2 Tap on the.
– 3 Select Settings.
– 4 Scroll down to Supplementary Services.
– 5 Select Call Forwarding.
– 6 Select one of the Forward Calling options.

How do I transfer a Call to another number?

– Answer the call.
– When ready, tap Transfer . Voice puts the call on hold.
– From your list of contacts, find the person you want to transfer the call to. If the person isn’t a contact, enter their number instead.
– When ready to transfer the call, tap the person’s name or number.
– Tap Close.

Call Forwarding [ transfer ] Samsung a22 5g Mobile phone

7 ancillary questions

What are the steps of transferring a call?

– Step 1: Inform the Caller. Let callers know you plan to transfer them.
– Step 2: Provide Back-up Information.
– Step 3: Thank the Caller for Their Patience.
– Step 4: Introduce the Caller.
– Step 5: Ensure the Call Transfers Successfully.

Can two iphones receive the same incoming call?

How can two iPhones receive the same call? Tap Calls on Other Devices, turn on Allow Calls on Other Devices, then choose the devices on which you’d like to make and receive calls.

What is the code to transfer phone calls?

Forward calls from your home phone Dial *72 or 72# and listen for dial tone. Enter the number where you want to get your forwarded calls. Long distance numbers: Enter 1 plus the10-digit phone number. For example, 1+ 3-digit area code + 7-digit phone number.

How do I divert all incoming calls to another number?

– Listen for a dial tone, and press *72.
– Listen for a stutter dial tone followed by regular dial tone.
– Dial the number where you want your calls forwarded.
– When the phone is answered by either a person or voicemail, hang up.
– Your calls will now be forwarded to the number you dialed.

Can two cell phones receive the same incoming call?

What is simultaneous ring and how does it work? Simultaneous ring is a function where a single incoming call can reach multiple devices at the same time and ring several devices simultaneously. These devices can vary, from PBX or desk phones to mobile phones and even computers (thanks to VoIP technology).

How do I transfer internal calls?

Press the new line button. Dial the four-digit extension numberextension numberAn extension phone number is a virtual number assigned to your primary phone number. This virtual number forwards all calls to your primary phone number, and it can be used to manage calls more efficiently or provide an additional layer of security. › blogs › how-to-dial-an-e…How To Dial an Extension on Landline [5 Steps To Follow] of the person you wish to reach. Announce the caller and inquire if the recipient is available. If the recipient accepts the call, press the Transfer button followed by the Line currently on hold.

How do I transfer my ongoing calls to another phone?

– Dial *72.
– Dial the phone number, including area code, where you would like to forward your calls.
– When someone at that phone number answers, call forwarding is activated.

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