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How to increase or decrease the sound on Xiaomi Mi A1?

One of the basic features of your Xiaomi Mi A1 is the sound it emits.

This is a very important feature when you call someone, when you listen to music or when you watch a movie.

You can also control the volume at your convenience, by increasing or decreasing it.

The sound is therefore important on your device.

In this article we will explain first how to increase or decrease the sound with the volume buttons of your Xiaomi Mi A1, then through the parameter menu and finally through third-party applications.

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Increase and decrease the sound of your Xiaomi Mi A1 with volume buttons

You may have noticed when buying your Xiaomi Mi A1, but you have two similar buttons on the side of your device, one up and the other down.

These two buttons are intended to increase and decrease the sound. The top volume knob is used to increase the volume when you use the sound of your Xiaomi Mi A1. On some devices, it is indicated when the sound becomes strong and it can become dangerous for your ears.

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As for the bottom button, it is used to decrease the sound until no more sound comes out of your Xiaomi Mi A1. These buttons can be used both when using speakers and earphones.

Increase and decrease the sound of your Xiaomi Mi A1 via the “Sound” parameter menu

There is another way to increase or decrease the volume of your Xiaomi Mi A1. First, first go to the settings of your device and then click on “Sounds” where will be listed all the sounds of your Xiaomi Mi A1. Then click “Quality and sound effects” or “Audio settings” or “Audio setting”. In these settings you will find all sorts of settings to adjust the sound to your liking.

During these adjustments, you can listen to the sound of your Xiaomi Mi A1 to evaluate whether your settings are correct or not.

Increase and decrease the sound of your Xiaomi Mi A1 with third-party applications

With the Google Play Store, you can find a wide range of applications to either increase or decrease the sound of your Xiaomi Mi A1. To do this, type “Increase the volume of the phone” or vice versa “Decrease the volume of the phone”. If you want to keep a good sound quality, then we strongly recommend you to do two separate searches to have two applications matching your expectations perfectly.

Warning ! Some applications are free while others are paying, read the information about them. We also recommend that you carefully read the user’s ratings and opinions in order to choose the application that suits you best.

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To conclude: your Xiaomi Mi A1 a practical and powerful tool for sound

Be able to call and hear your caller, listen to music or movies on your Xiaomi Mi A1, hear the sound of your phone while in ring mode, etc. Sound is therefore paramount in a telephone.

After having given you several tips to increase and decrease the volume on your Xiaomi Mi A1, we will give you two simple tips on the same subject.

First, check the location of the speakers on your device so that the sound that escapes is not obstructed.

Second, place your Xiaomi Mi A1 speakers in an empty glass and you will be amazed at the sound your device emits.

In case of difficulty, do not hesitate to go to a specialist who will help you in all the difficulties you will encounter.

We hope to have helped you in understanding the volume of a smartphone.

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