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How to set your MobiWire Taima to silent mode

How to silence your MobiWire Taima? This is the question we will try to answer in this tutorial. Whether it is to keep calm around you, or not to have the inconvenience of an unwanted sound, you may want to set your device in silent mode.

In the first part of this tutorial we will see how to set your MobiWire Taima to silent quickly, then we will show you how you can manage ringtones and notifications priority modes.

Finally, we will study the programmatic mode to set the silent mode on your MobiWire Taima, before concluding on the positive and negative aspects of the silent mode.

Switch your MobiWire Taima to silence quickly

The easiest way to mute your MobiWire Taima is to drag down the top of your screen.

From there, you will have access to a new black screen.

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A box named ‘Audio Profiles’ will be available.

Click on it and you will see a choice for different audio modes on your MobiWire Taima. Select the silent mode and your MobiWire Taima will be silent.

Note that alarms and other emergency messages will always ring on your device, we will detail in the next section the priority modes to switch them off too.

Silencing your MobiWire Taima with priority ringtones

Since the Lollipop version of the Android system, ringtones are now managed by priority modes.

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For example, someone who does not wish to have ringtones at all, such as an operator in an operating room requiring silence, will have an interest in selecting ‘No Priority’ or equivalent in this menu. As such this operator will not have ringtones, vibration or even light from his screen.

Priority modes are available through the ‘Settings’ menu, available from the main screen of your MobiWire Taima. Once in this menu, you can go down to the ‘Sounds and notifications’ menu, then to ‘Ringtones’. In this last menu of your MobiWire Taima you will have a choice between these three options:

  • No ringtone: no vibration, no ringtone or even no lighting up screen.

    Even the alarm clock and other emergency messages from your MobiWire Taima will be disabled.

    Through this mode, your MobiWire Taima is completely silent.

  • ‘Priority’ mode: with this mode you deactivate all ringtones except alarms and other notifications.

    This option is very handy to turn your MobiWire Taima into an alarm clock for instance.

  • Mode ‘All’: the silent mode of your MobiWire Taima is deactivated.

Set a programmatic silent mode on your MobiWire Taima

It is also possible to program the silent mode on your MobiWire Taima. To do this, go to the ‘Priorities’ tab of your smartphone as in the previous paragraph. At the bottom of this screen you will have the choice of programming a priority at a given time.

This is very convenient for example to automatically set an alarm clock on your MobiWire Taima before bedtime.

Silent mode: advantages and disadvantages

We hope we helped you to set silent mode on your MobiWire Taima via this article.

Be careful however, in silent mode, you may miss important calls or messages.

We recommend you to manage the silencer on your phone as best you can!

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