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How to remove the shell from your Nokia 150

Whether it is to change the battery of your Nokia 150, change the sim card or simply put it on, or change the back of your Nokia 150 to personalize it or give it a new look, there are many reasons why you may need to remove the shell from your Nokia 150. This is why we have chosen to write this article to accompany you in this task which is at first a little difficult.

First, we will see how to detach the shell from the rest of your phone.

Then we will see how to completely separate the shell and your Nokia 150 as well as all the precautions to take.

Do not hesitate to contact an expert or a friend who knows about it when in doubt.

Detach the shell of your Nokia 150

First, to remove the shell from your Nokia 150, you must detach it from the rest of the phone.

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To do this, simply pass your fingernail, or a thin, non-sharp object such as a picker or the tip of a ballpoint pen, between the shell and the structure of your Nokia 150. It is important that the object does not damage your Nokia 150 by scratching, cutting, or breaking the shell or main structure of your Nokia 150. If you feel too much resistance, do not continue and go to an expert.

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You will see the shell lifting.

Above all, do not be brutal! Gently turn around your Nokia 150 as well. The shell slowly dislocates from the structure.

Removing the hull of your Nokia 150

You can now remove the shell from your Nokia 150! First, place your phone face down, and back towards you. Then, while holding it firmly, lift the shell. You may feel resistance.

Continue with the non-resistant sides.

The one that resists is the pivot point of the shell and withdraws last, in the direction of the pivot.

Once all the sides are removed, you can remove the shell completely.

Be careful not to make an abrupt gesture in order not to risk damaging the battery or the sim card of your device.

They are light, small and fragile elements.

At last, your shell is removed!

To conclude on removing the hull from your Nokia 150

We’ve just explained how to remove the shell from your Nokia 150. It is important to remember that it is necessary to be careful and calm during this operation which concerns fragile elements of your Nokia 150. Never force in order not to break the shell, or items such as the SIM card or battery.

It’s a simple operation, but you have to be delicate.

In case of worries, go to a professional who will be able to help you. In future articles, we will explain how to change the battery of your Nokia 150 after buying a new one, change or put the sim card, or change the back of your Nokia 150

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How do you put a SIM card in a Nokia 150?

– Insert the SIM card. Put your fingernail in the small slot at the bottom of the phone, lift and remove the cover.
– Insert the second SIM. If you have a second SIM, slide it in the SIM2 slot.
– Insert the memory card.

How do I play music on my Nokia 150?

– Select Menu > .
– Select Opt. > All songs to see all your saved music.
– Scroll to a song and select Play .

How many contacts can be saved in Nokia 150?

The Contacts saving in phone is restricted to just 500 only.

What is the password of Nokia 150?

Note: The pre-set security code is 12345. To switch on the security code, select Menu > Settings > Security settings > Phone security , enter the code 12345 and select OK , and then select On .


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