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How to retrieve deleted SMS or text messages on your Huawei Nova?

It often happens to remove SMS or text messages from your Huawei Nova because the usefulness of keeping them seems low. This can happen either because you no longer have any space on the memory of your device or because you have to perform a complete deletion of your data on your Huawei Nova. So there are effective ways to retrieve your deleted SMS and back them up.

In this article, we will show you how to do it.

First, how to recover your deleted SMS with data recovery software, then by third-party applications and finally by downloading software to your computer.

Recover your deleted SMS on your Huawei Nova with Android data recovery software

Step one: install the software on your PC

If you want to retrieve SMS messages that you have deleted permanently and efficiently, then this section is for you. There are several types of software available on the Internet in order to recover all deleted data on your Huawei Nova. You must type “Recover deleted SMS” in the search bar of your web page.

Once you have found the software that best suits your requirements, download it.

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Then once this is done, install the software, run it and then click “Data Recovery.”

Step two: Debugging Your Huawei Nova

During this step, you must debug your Huawei Nova, if it has not been done before.

Debugging a phone allows you to copy and transfer data from your Huawei Nova to your PC. To get started, go to the settings of your Huawei Nova and click “About your phone”. Then, press “Version number” repeatedly.

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Your Huawei Nova will tell you that you are in developer mode and you will then have to return to the settings of your device.

Finally, go to the “Developer Options” section and press “USB Debugging”.

Step three: Retrieve your SMS

Connect your Huawei Nova to your PC with your USB cable and the software will automatically identify your device.

Before starting the data recovery, select “Messaging” since you want to recover your deleted SMS. Then, press “Next” at the bottom right of your computer screen.

Take your Huawei Nova, where there will appear an authorization so that the software can recover your deleted SMS, so click on “Allow”. Then, once the software is launched to recover your deleted messages, wait a few minutes for the software to do its job properly.

When the recovery is complete, select the “Messages Attachments” and “Messages” options to view the SMS messages you will retrieve.

Finally, select the messages you want to retrieve on your Huawei Nova then click “Recover” to have them back on your PC. That’s it: you have recovered the deleted SMS on your Huawei Nova with a software, and this permanently, especially if you do not plan to change computers for very long.

Using third-party applications and software on your Huawei Nova to recover deleted SMS

Downloading third-party applications to your Huawei Nova

There are a number of apps on the “Google Play Store” to recover the deleted SMS on your Huawei Nova. Simply type in the search bar “Erased SMS” or “Recover deleted SMS” and you will find a wide range of applications.

These applications allow you to recover deleted SMS or save it in case of problems.

Their uses are only temporary, since these applications are made from the phone you use.

When choosing the application, carefully read the notes and user reviews to choose the application that best meets your expectations to recover deleted SMS from your Huawei Nova. In addition, some applications to recover deleted SMS are free while others are paid, so be careful to read the descriptions carefully.

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Downloading software to your computer

If you have more confidence in the software to download to your computer and want to recover and save your SMS permanently, then this section is for you. We have explained before how to recover your SMS erased thanks to a software because this process is the most recommended.

For your searches, you just have to type “Retrieve SMS erased” in the search bar of your Internet page.

With this software, your SMS will always be stored on your computer indefinitely, but these services prove to be relatively expensive compared to applications that may be cheaper or even free of charge.

So think carefully and weigh the pros and cons before spending money in this software.

To conclude: delete your SMS on your Huawei Nova when necessary

You just need to be careful not to delete the SMS you want at all costs keep in your Huawei Nova. Obviously, if the memory of your Huawei Nova is full, you will have to remove it, but from now on, you know how to recover and save them. Therefore, delete only unnecessary SMS to avoid this.

We hope to have answered your questions and helped you in the best way possible.

If you encounter any problems, please contact an authorized repairer so that he can help you during this process to recover deleted SMS from your Huawei Nova.

Can you retrieve deleted SMS on Huawei?

Retrieve Deleted SMS on Huawei from Huawei Backup Launch the Huawei Backup app on your phone and tap on Restore. Choose whether you want to restore the data from internal storage or an SD card. Select the Messaging option from the list of data types and tap on Restore.

How can I retrieve deleted Messages from my Huawei Nova 5t?

Step 1: Connect your Huawei to PC with a USB cable, then launch HiSuite on your PC. Step 2: On your Huawei, tap Yes when the prompt “Allow access to device data” appears, and then tap OK when “Allow connection in HDB mode” prompted. Step 3: After the connection, click the Restore option and then select Messages.

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7 ancillary questions

Where is recently deleted items iPhone?

Open Photos and tap the Albums tab. Tap the Recently Deleted album under Utilities. In iOS 16, iPadOS 16.1, or later, use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your Recently Deleted album.

How can I retrieve deleted text messages from my Huawei?

– Open the backup application on your Huawei smartphone.
– From the available options, you need to select the backup location.
– Select messages when restoring the backup, and your messages will be back on your device.

How long are deleted texts recoverable?

You can only recover messages and conversations that you deleted within the last 30 to 40 days.

Can I retrieve deleted text messages?

According to Google Support, you can restore texts, calls, device settings, contacts, calendars, photos and videos by opening the Google Drive app, tapping “Menu” then “Backups” and then restoring the backup version you’re looking for.

Where do deleted photos go on Huawei phone?

Delete Photos and Videos The All photos, My favorites, Videos, and Camera albums cannot be deleted. Deleted photos and videos will be temporarily moved to the Recently deleted album before being permanently deleted after 30 days.

Are deleted text messages gone forever?

When you delete a piece of data from your device — a photo, video, text or document — it doesn’t vanish. Instead, your device labels that space as available to be overwritten by new information.

Does Huawei phones have a recycle bin?

You can go to Files > Huawei Drive > Recently deleted。