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How to use emojis on LG X Power

Using emojis on your phone is something inevitable as soon as you want to use expressive figures into your messages.

Sometimes an emoji or emoticon is worth thousands of words.

These little figures or animations now invade our messages and emails, for the greatest quality and wealth of our expression.

In this article, we will see firstly how to check if emojis are installed or not on your LG X Power, then we will see the importance of the keyboard named ‘iWnn IME’. Finally, we’ll show you how third-party applications can help you to use emojis on your LG X Power.

Check if the emojis are read by your LG X Power

The first step is to know if your LG X Power can write and read emojis.

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This is normally the case, but a small check never hurts.

To do this, just type ‘Emoji’ or ‘Emojis’ into Google.

No matter the browser you’re using at this point.

If you see lots of small figurines in the search results, then your LG X Power is well capable of reading emojis.

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If this is not the case, then your smartphone is not set to play them. We invite you to download third-party applications such as WhatsApp or Viber so you can play with emojis.

However, in this case only these applications will be able to read the emojis: emojis set in classic messages can not be read for instance.

Check and enable iWnn IME on LG X Power

The iWnn IME feature is a graphical keyboard, normally installed on your LG X Power.

Indeed, if you have regularly updated your LG X Power system, then you should have access to it.

Let’s see how to activate and use it together.

Does the iWnn IME keyboard exist

To find out if the Emoji keyboard is available, the easiest way is to go directly to the ‘Settings’ menu as described below. However, if it does not exist then your version of LG X Power may not be up to date.

So you need to update the system. The easiest way to do so, is to connect to a Wi-Fi terminal. Once this type of connection is established, your LG X Power system will automatically update.

Enable the iWnn IME Emoji keyboard

To activate your iWnn IME keyboard, you can go to the ‘Settings’ window, accessible from the LG X Power home screen.

Then go to the ‘Languages ​​and input’ menu, where you will find the option ‘Emoji iWnn IME’. Make sure that this option is selected.

Congratulations, you’ve just activated the Emoji keyboard!

Use a third-party application to use emojis

As we have seen, applications such as Skype, Viber or WhatsApp allow you to read emojis.

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The disadvantage of this option, is that you will not be able to set emojis from other applications, or simply in your messages.

The best thing to do is then to download an application that will serve as a keyboard.

To do this, you can go to the Play Store of your LG X Power.

You can then type and search ‘Emoji Keyboard’ to find all the right applications.

Especially, look at the reviews and ratings of these different applications before downloading them. In case of doubt, we strongly recommend you to go through an expert who will be able to use the emojis on your LG X Power.

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