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How to open and remove the shell on Android

You have just purchased your Android and you do not know how to open or remove the shell from the device.

Do not worry this is a fairly simple operation, though delicate for the first few times.

We show you in this article how to remove or remove the shell of your Android without damaging it or even scratching it.

Attention, in case of doubt, we strongly recommend you to get closer to an expert as he or she may help you to do so. You will find mobile phone shops in many malls.

Detect the fulcrum of the shell on your Android

The fulcrum of your shell is very important to detect before removing or opening the shell of your Android. Indeed, this is the part that will serve as a pivot when you are going to remove and open your shell. The best way to know the shell opening fulcrum of your Android is to consult the leaflet in your package.

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Opening the shell of your Android

Now you can finally open the shell of your Android! Put your mobile back cover toward you and hold it well with both hands.

Gently remove the shell from the side opposite the pivot point described in the previous paragraph. For example, if you find that your Android has a pivot point down, then try to open the top of the smartphone.

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Above all, never force or have abrupt gestures, at the risk of breaking or damaging your Android.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to call an expert around you or in a specialized shop.

Remove the shell completely from your Android

Once the part opposite the pivot point is removed, you can completely remove the shell from your Android.

Be careful to handle the SIM card and the battery of your mobile phone with care.

These are fragile elements.

To conclude on the opening of the shell of your Android

We have just seen how to remove, open or remove the shell of your Android. The essential point is to remain delicate in handling and to call upon an expert in case of difficulties.

We will see in future articles how to manipulate the other elements, such as the battery or the SIM card, or how to best put the shell on your Android.