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How to put and play music on your LG K10

The operating system on your LG K10 allows you to use your phone as a music player.

The most common format for music files is mp3, and we will see in this tutorial how to take advantage of your mobile like a portable jukebox.
We will also explain how to fine tune your program playing music on your LG K10. Any pieces of advice in this article is subject to the strict respect of intellectual property rights.

Transfer music to your LG K10

There are multiple ways to transfer or upload music to your LG K10. We do not claim to give you all of these methods here, but rather to tell you the easiest ways to put music on your phone.

Transfer your favorite songs from your computer to your LG K10

To transfer your music from your computer, simply connect your computer to your mobile phone via a USB cable.

You can use the cable given with your battery charger or buy one from the shop if you do not have one.

Our other articles on How to put and play music on LG K10 can help you.

Please note that several types of connectors are available for USB, make sure that the one you buy is compatible with your LG K10.

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Once the cable is plugged in, then you should see a window opening on your computer.

Select the available option to transfer files from your computer to the mobile, as if your LG K10 behaves like an external hard drive.

If this option does not appear on its own, then you can get it in the control panel and select your LG K10 as an external hard drive.

Make sure that you have the necessary copyrights to make this transfer.

In fact, in most cases, buying a CD does not make it possible to make a copy on your phone!

Download the songs directly to your LG K10

Several platforms allow you to download music on your phone.

We leave it to you to look for them via the Android system. The usual types of platforms are on demand or via a paid monthly subscription.

These platforms allow you to directly buy your songs on your LG K10. We will never repeat it enough, make sure you have the proper rights in relation to the law to manage your songs as you want, especially when transferring your songs.

Change your default playing application

By default, your LG K10 is equipped with an MP3 player.

You can go into the Android Play Store to download a new application to play your songs on your LG K10. Indeed, other players may have additional options like equalizer or shuffle mode.

We will never advise you enough to read user comments to refine your choice of MP3 player.


To conclude, you are ready to put and play all your favorite music on your LG K10. Be careful, however, to have purchased the rights to hold a copy of your songs on your mobile beforehand.

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In particular, many intellectual property rights must be respected in this area.

Finally, do not hesitate to solicit the help of a friend, a relative or a professional if you have difficulty putting and playing music on your LG K10.

How do I put music on my LG phone?

Connect the phone to your computer with a USB Cable. If the default connection mode is not set to Media sync (MTP)/Camera (PTP) mode, open the Notifications panel and tap USB connection type > Media sync (MTP)/Camera (PTP). Your computer will prompt you with different actions to take.

Where is my music on my LG phone?

– From the Home screen, tap the Apps Key > Music .
– When held upright, the Music tabs are at the top of the screen.
– When held sideways, the Music tabs are displayed in a drop-down list at the top left of the screen to tap and select.

How to use Music Player Options On LG smart phones user guide support

6 ancillary questions

Where is the music library on LG?

The Music tabs are listed at the top of the screen. Flick sideways on the screen to scroll and select one. Tap Music library (at the upper-left corner of the screen) to open the Music menu that includes Favorites, Playlists, Folders, and Nearby devices.

How do I transfer music to my phone?

– Using a USB cable, connect your phone or tablet to your PC.
– You will see a notification on your PC; select this and then choose the option for transferring your music files.
– From there, you can transfer over your desired song files.

Where is music stored on my Samsung phone?

– Open File Manager on your Android device.
– Swipe and navigate to Internal Storage or SD Card, depending on your preference.
– Find the folder of Music, and you will see all of your music libraries on your Android device.

How do you turn off background music on Android?

Does LG have a music app?

Music Flow Player is an exclusive HiFi wireless audio app of LG. You can use Music Flow Player to listen to music which you listened to using your phone through LG HiFi wireless audio.

Why did my purchased music disappeared?

The album may have been deleted from your computer. If you ripped the album from a CD, you will need to rip it again or purchase the album. If you bought the album from iTunes, you should be able to download it again. To do this, click the Store link in iTunes or the iTunes Store entry in the Mac Music app.