How to make a conference call on OnePlus 2

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How to make a conference call on OnePlus 2

Conference calls allow multiple meetings between co-workers, family or friends.

With current technologies, this is something that is now accessible to everyone, and we’ll show you how to use your OnePlus 2 to do it at best.

In the first part, we’ll see how to do it natively on your OnePlus 2, and then we’ll show you how applications can help you to do so as well.

Merging calls on your OnePlus 2

This is the simplest system to make a conference call on your OnePlus 2. The other advantage is that you do not need to install any application to do this type of conferences.

Finally, this service can be free, excluding your operator’s costs for calls from your OnePlus 2.

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First step, call the first participant

The first step is simple, just call the first participant who will take part of your conference.

You are already two on the conference, congratulations! Pause the first contact by pressing the corresponding symbol on the screen of your OnePlus 2.

Step two, call the second participant from your OnePlus 2

Once the first contact is called and paused, the second contact should be called.

This step is a classic call, since your first contact has just been paused.

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Third step, merging calls

You can then merge the two calls.

Simply tap the ‘merge calls’ button on your OnePlus 2. You are now on a conference call. You can go up to a certain number of participants via this method.

Check with your service provider for details on this setting.

Use third-party applications on your OnePlus 2 for conferencing

Another way to make phone conference calls is to install an application that offers this feature.

By typing ‘conference call’ in the Google Play Store of OnePlus 2, you’ll have access to a wide range of apps offering it.

Be careful, some are free but others will be charging you. It is up to you to study advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Look at user comments also in the Play Store, it is usually a good source of advice for each application.

The special case of Skype

One of the most prominent applications for making phone calls in conference mode is Skype on your OnePlus 2. It not only allows you to use voice but also video if you and your contacts are equipped with cameras.

We recommend that you test this solution before the scheduled time of your conference.

The best thing is to test if the conference is working with three people connected.

This will put all the chances on your side when you will make your conference made of several people.

Prepare the conference in advance so that everything is ready.

Finally, do not forget to send your conference reference to your contacts, so they can connect to your phone or video meeting on your OnePlus 2.

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In conclusion your OnePlus 2 is a great tool to manage conferences

We’ve seen here how to make OnePlus 2 conference calls your voice or video calls on your OnePlus 2. Do not forget to disconnect the conference once finished.

You would not want all your contacts to hear your conversations from your OnePlus 2. It would also be unfortunate to pay an extra fee in the case of a paid application just because you have not closed the conference.