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How to locate your Aquaris A4.5 [1]

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How to locate your Aquaris A4.5?

For some unknown reason, you may have lost your smartphone or someone has stolen it in the street.

Unfortunately, this happens very often but today it is possible to locate your Aquaris A4.5in case of loss or theft.

Through this article, we will explain the different ways to locate your Smartphone.

First, you can locate your Aquaris A4.5 with the Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager, secondly via Google Maps and finally, using third-party applications.

How to locate your Aquaris A4.5 [2]

Use Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager to locate your Aquaris A4.5

Enable Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager

The Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager is a feature of your Aquaris A4.5 that is common to all Aquaris A4.5 devices, so you do not need to install an application.

In order to prevent a possible loss or theft of your phone, you must perform some manipulations to activate this system. First, your Aquaris A4.5 must be connected to your Google Account and must have access to the Internet.

How to locate your Aquaris A4.5 [3]

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Second, you must enable the “Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager”. To do this, click on the “Settings” menu of your Aquaris A4.5, then go to the “Personnel” section where you will press “Google”. After entering Google settings, go to “Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager” and finally click “Locate this device” where you will be able to enable or disable remote locking and deletion of data. Here ! You have activated the location to find your phone in case of loss or theft.

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Locate your Aquaris A4.5 on Google with Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager

After performing all the operations described above, you can now locate your Aquaris A4.5 by visiting the Internet.

First, type “where is my phone” in the search bar of the Google search engine.

After that, a map will appear before your eyes, where Google will try to locate your Aquaris A4.5where it is located.

You will then have several possibilities: ring your phone, lock it if you have not protected it before or you can simply delete all the information contained on your Aquaris A4.5 if you are sure never to find it.

Locate your Aquaris A4.5 from another device via the Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager

If you do not have a computer, ask a friend to use the smartphone for a few minutes.

Do not worry, the method is simple.

See if your friend has the “Aquaris A4.5 Device Manager” on his device, like on your Aquaris A4.5. If your friend does not have it, type the name in the Google Play Store and you’ll find the app.

Then, you will be able to identify yourself in the “Guest” mode that the application offers and you will enter your Google identifiers on your Aquaris A4.5. Do not forget, in case of loss or theft, go to your operator so that he can block your line and your Aquaris A4.5 then go to the competent authorities.

Locate your Aquaris A4.5 via Google Maps

The location of your device with Google Maps exists because your Aquaris A4.5 automatically saves the approximate location of your device.

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Before embarking on the location of your Aquaris A4.5via Google Maps, there are some imperatives to follow. First, the device must be connected to your Google Account and must have Internet access.

Finally, the reporting functions and location histories, which are in the Google app settings on your Aquaris A4.5, must be enabled.

Start by visiting the Google Maps site and visit the site history.

Then click on today’s date and click on “Show Timestamps” located below the calendar.

From now on, you can see where your Aquaris A4.5 has been registered, for example by clicking on the latest time stamps where you will find the last location where your device was located.

Following this, we recommend that you contact the appropriate authorities to deal with this issue on your Aquaris A4.5.

Use third-party applications to locate your Aquaris A4.5

There is a wide range of applications dedicated to locating lost devices, including your Aquaris A4.5. To find all these apps, just type “anti-theft” in the search bar of Google Play Store.

The most famous applications are “Where’s my Droid” and “Cerberus Anti-Theft”, which offer an excellent localization of your Aquaris A4.5, but which offer only a short free trial period or paid options to improve the performance of the Aquaris A4.5, application.

These applications are for illustrative purposes only.

We recommend that you carefully read the application descriptions to see if the applications are free or paying, but also read user reviews that are helpful in choosing an anti-theft application on your Aquaris A4.5.

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