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How to import your contacts on Gigaset GS160H

We will see in this tutorial how import your contacts on your Gigaset GS160H. Contacts are a very important feature of your smartphone.

This means that you may want to import them from another device to your Gigaset GS160H, in order to make the most of the features offered by the contacts.

We will see how to import contacts on your Gigaset GS160H from other device on the one hand, from your Google account in the ‘Cloud’ on the other hand, CSV files editable with a spreadsheet like Excel, and finally files in VCF format or VCard files.

Import your contacts from another device to your Gigaset GS160H

To import contacts from another device, you must first store them in your SIM card or an SD card.

We invite you to refer to our tutorial on contact backups to do this.

Our other articles on Gigaset GS160H can help you.

Once this backup is completed, you will need to put the SIM or SD card in your new Gigaset GS160H. Once done, go to the "Contacts" category of your Gigaset GS160H. In this menu, you can press the ‘Settings’ button at the bottom right of your Gigaset GS160H. An option ‘Import’ from the SIM card or Memory card will be available to you, press it depending on your backup mode.

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Follow the on-screen instructions and your contacts will be imported to your Gigaset GS160H.

Import your contacts from Google Cloud to your Gigaset GS160H

This is a little known but very interesting option when you know how to import your contacts from the Cloud on your Gigaset GS160H. To do this, go to the ‘Settings’ menu, accessible from the home screen of your Gigaset GS160H, then in ‘Account and Synchronization’. Once there, click on your Google Account.

This opens a new window that will allow you to check the synchronizations of contacts, emails and calendars.

Choose what you want to activate.

Import your contacts from a CSV file to your Gigaset GS160H

If your files are on a CSV file, then to import them on your Gigaset GS160H, you’ll need to go through an import on your Gmail account.

Once in your Gmail account, click ‘Contacts’ above the Email Dial button.

Then click on ‘More Actions’ and finally ‘Import’. Choose the file from which you want to import your contacts, and validate.

Once finished, you can synchronize any Gigaset GS160H with your Gmail account as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Import your contacts with a VCF file on your Gigaset GS160H

A last option to import your contacts to your Gigaset GS160His to use the VCF files.

This option will allow you, along with the CSV files, to share your contact lists from your Gigaset GS160H as well. As in the first paragraph of this article, go to the ‘Import / Export’ section of the ‘Contacts’ folder of your Gigaset GS160H. From there, click ‘Import’ and choose the VCF format.

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Once you have validated the operation and selected the source VCF file, you can import all your contacts to your Gigaset GS160H. Conversely, you can export contacts to make a backup on your Gigaset GS160H.