How to hard reset your THL W200s

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How to hard reset your THL W200s [1]

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How to hard reset your THL W200s

If you are looking for a totally free memory or simply wanting to get rid of your THL W200s, you can hard reset it using a reset force, and erase all its data. We will see in this article, how to do it via the ‘Settings’ and ‘Recovery’ menus of your THL W200s.
It is essential that you back up your data before performing a reset.

Force resetting will de facto lose all of your data, including music, photos, PDF documents, app settings, or any other type of data stored on your THL W200s.

On the other hand, what is on your drive or online account will normally be restored.

Resetting your phone THL W200s will return it to the state it left the factory.

How to hard reset your THL W200s [2]

From a software point of view, your THL W200s will be like new. THL W200s offers you the possibility to erase your data from the ‘Settings’ menu.

While the standard procedure is generally sufficient, malicious people who would like to see your data erased could do so. So we strongly advise you to encrypt your phone, especially if you want to give it away or sell it to a third party in which you do not have a high confidence level.
In case it is only for you that you do this, we will never advise you enough to save all your data to be able to find them after this reset.

How to hard reset your THL W200s [3]

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The Play Store is full of apps allowing you to do it.

Please refer to user notes and comments before installing and using such an application.

Use the “Settings” menu to delete data on your THL W200s

Here is the classic routine to perform a reset via this menu:
As described above, be sure to back up all important data for you. The best thing is to call a mobile phone professional if you are not sure of yourself.
Go to the ‘Settings’ menu of your THL W200s.
Under the ‘Personal’ menu, press ‘Save’ and ‘Reset’. Then follow the instructions on the screen.
Under ‘Personal data’ go to ‘Resetting the factory settings’.
You may need to enter your PIN or password during these actions.

This is quite normal, and aims to prevent a third party from erasing all your data.
When prompted, press ‘Clear All’ to clear all data from the internal memory of your THL W200s.
This is surely something that you will be asked spontaneously anyway.

Then you will have to restart your phone.

Do not worry, this is normal and it means that the reset went smoothly on your THL W200s.
You will know that resetting is a success when you see the home screen as you could see right after buying your THL W200s.

It will then be easy for you to reinstall the applications you want, or even to put back photos and music according to your tastes.

During the process of hard resetting your THL W200s

At any time during this process, if your THL W200s does not react anymore, you have the option to restart the system via the power button, if you hold down for a few seconds.

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In case of absolute necessity, you can remove the battery from your THL W200s, but this is not recommended and could damage your phone.
In all cases, we advise you to contact a telephone professional if you are unsure of yourself or if you encounter difficulties.
Finally, the manufacturer or salesperson of your THL W200s can be of assistance if need more information.