How to format your Android

How to format your Android

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How to format your Android?

It may happen that your Android is slow or that you want to dust off your operating system that is starting to get tired.

This is why, among other things, formatting exists.

The feature exists on all devices, but it is not used by everyone given the impact of this manipulation on smartphones like your Android.

This is why we will talk about formatting in this article, to help you better understand this feature.

How to format your Android

First, let’s explain what is formatting a smartphone, then how to format your Android when it is working and finally how to format it when it does not work.

What is formatting?

How to format your Android

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Before we begin explaining how to format Android, we want to explain the concept of formatting so that you know what you are going to do and why.

Formatting a phone involves erasing all the information on the disc of your Android.

This means that all your photos, videos, contacts saved or installed applications will be deleted.

There are several reasons why it is important to format a smartphone: your Android becomes too slow, the memory of your device is saturated, your smartphone needs to be cleaned or you have decided to sell your Android.

This list is not exhaustive.

Consequently, it is up to each person to carry out this operation or not.

Finally, be aware that if you have a micro SD memory card in your Android, the data saved on it will not normally be deleted.

How do I format my Android when it is working?

Before starting this operation, we strongly recommend that you save all your files, including photos, videos, and contacts to your computer.

In addition, we recommend that you do this when your smartphone is loaded more than 80% to avoid possible problems.

To get started, go to your Android settings and go to “Save and reset”. Then click on “Restore default settings”. The reset will be started and all you have to do is wait for the formatting to take place.

When your Android turns on again, you will find it as new, without any data on it and with factory settings.

You’re done formatting your Android.

How to format your Android if it does not work?

It is possible that your Android no longer works, for any reason, and therefore you try to fix it on your own.

You can try formatting your Android, which can be a solution.

First, hold these three buttons simultaneously for several seconds: Volume plus, Home button, and Lock button.

When you have done this, a screen will appear before your eyes.

Then browse the interface with the volume buttons on the side of your Android and select “Recovery”. Finally, press “Factory Reset” and confirm the entry.

Your Android will be formatted and turned on again as a new device, as when it was purchased.

To conclude: clean up your Android with formatting

Through this article, we’ve explained how to format your Android, a solution that is effective when you decide to clean your smartphone’s operating system. Do not forget to save your data before doing this, otherwise you will lose them forever.

This is simple to do, however if you encounter some difficulties in formatting your Android, go to a specialist who will help you.