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How to unlock the lock screen on Crosscall Action-X3?

In order to protect your smartphone to the maximum, you have placed a diagram on your lock screen so that you are the only person who can freely enter your device.

However, it may happen that you forget your schema, which prevents you from subsequently accessing the contents of your device.

But fortunately, there are different solutions to settle this type of forgetfulness.

We will explain to you through this article the different ways to unlock the lock screen of your Crosscall Action-X3.

Use your Google Account to unlock your lock screen

You cannot remember your schema to unlock your Crosscall Action-X3 so you make 5 wrong attempts.

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This will cause your smartphone to block during a short period of time.

Do not worry, this is normal. At the bottom of your screen you will see a button called “Forgotten Model”. Click on it.

You will be asked to enter your username, that is the e-mail address you used when you registered.

Then, enter your password.

If you have completed the information correctly, your Crosscall Action-X3 should unlock. You can then re-enter a new unlocking scheme that you can remember easily in the future.

Use the Android device manager to unlock your lock screen

There is another technique to unlock your Crosscall Action-X3 lock screen. Simply use the Android Device Manager.

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Before you start this operation, if you have enabled and configured the Android Device Manager, you can do this.

If it is not the case, then go to the next paragraph. First, go to your search engine and type in the search bar “Android Device Manager”. Then select “Android Device Manager by Google”. Enter your Gmail address and password.

Once the entry is successful and you are connected, you will have three choices: “Ring”, “Lock” and “Delete”. Select “Lock”. You will see a window appear where you can put a new password.

Then, validate your password and wait a few moments for your Crosscall Action-X3 to assimilate this new password.

Once your smartphone gives you permission to enter this new password, enter it to unlock your Crosscall Action-X3. You have finished ! Enter a new schema that you can easily memorize.

Do a factory restore to unlock your lock screen

If the previous methods did not work, then you need to do a factory reset or hard reset to unlock your Crosscall Action-X3 after an incorrect schema. Before you begin this operation, you should know that by doing this you will lose all data on your Crosscall Action-X3. Therefore, use this method as a last resort.

First, turn off your Crosscall Action-X3. Then press “Home”, “Volume +” and “Power” simultaneously.

Keep your fingers pressed until a black menu appears before your eyes.

Then navigate to the interface using the two volume keys and then go to the line labeled “Wipe data / factory reset”. Confirm your choice with the “Power” button.

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Finally, go to the line labeled “reboot system now” and validate your choice.

This will cause a restart of your Crosscall Action-X3. Your Google IDs will be requested when your smartphone is turned on again.

Conclusion: activate an unlocking schema easy to remember

Through this article we have described the different methods to unlock your locking screen when you have forgotten your schema. This problem happens to people who have put a complex schema but is therefore very complicated to memorize.

We hope to have helped you as much as possible.

If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to consult an expert or a friend specialist in technologies that will help you solve this problem.