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How to enable and use GPS on Samsung Galaxy XCover

Today, traveling in a city that you do not know without GPS has become almost unthinkable to avoid getting lost.

GPS phenomenon in cars has grown rapidly that many French homes have one.

However, not everyone has the means to afford such an object.

But with the development of smartphone performance, the manufacturers have decided to integrate the GPS function.

This was a real revolution in the use of a device.

Our other articles on Samsung Galaxy XCover can help you.

That’s why we’ll explain how to activate GPS on your Samsung Galaxy XCover, then how to use it and finally download a GPS via Google Play Store.

How do I enable GPS on Samsung Galaxy XCover?

Before starting any manipulations to use GPS on your Samsung Galaxy XCover, make sure the Google Maps app is installed on your Samsung Galaxy XCover.

You just need to look it up on your Samsung Galaxy XCover.

If it’s not available on your device, go to Google Play Store where you just type “Google Maps” in the search bar and install it.

When you have found the application or have just installed it on your Samsung Galaxy XCover, first go to “Settings” and then go to the “Personal” section.

From there, you will find the button “Location” and you just have to click on it to activate the location of your Samsung Galaxy XCover.

Then, activate the “High precision” mode to use the GPS, mobile networks and Wi-Fi to locate you with your Samsung Galaxy XCover.

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In addition, you must activate Wi-Fi or mobile networks because otherwise the GPS will not work. Once you have done this, you have been able to activate the GPS on your Samsung Galaxy XCover.

How to use GPS on Samsung Galaxy XCover?

If you’ve successfully completed everything we’ve described in the previous paragraph, then now we’ll explain how to use GPS on your Samsung Galaxy XCover. First, you simply need to open the application called “Google Maps”. Then, just enter the name of a city or a specific address where you want to go with your Samsung Galaxy XCover, then press “Search”. When you have found your destination, tap the address or name of the city you are looking for, usually located at the bottom of your screen.

From here, Google Maps will display the route, the time to travel, the number of kilometers and the mode of transport you can choose.

Concerning the mode of transport, several choices are available to you: the car, the bicycle, the mode pedestrian or the transports.

Once you have made your choice, press “Start navigation”. The GPS of your Samsung Galaxy XCover will start and you will have to follow the itinerary indicated by this one.

Download GPS navigation applications to your Samsung Galaxy XCover

It is possible to download applications specialized in GPS navigation.

First, go to “Google Play Store” where you will type in the “GPS” search bar.

You will find a wide selection of GPS applications among the results of your search. These applications are specialized in GPS navigation, and according to your choice, they can be more powerful than the application initially installed on your Samsung Galaxy XCover.

We warn you! Read the notes and user reviews of the application you are interested in carefully.

In addition, some GPS applications are free while some are paying for your Samsung Galaxy XCover, so beware.

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Conclusion: your Samsung Galaxy XCover is a useful and powerful GPS

The development of GPS on smartphones proved to be a very useful idea that allowed many people to no longer get lost, when they did not have their GPS on hand.

A GPS installed on your Samsung Galaxy XCover can be very convenient, faster and more powerful than traditional GPS since the maps are more up-to-date.

However, using GPS on your Samsung Galaxy XCover will cause your battery to drop quite fast.

Therefore, avoid using the GPS of your Samsung Galaxy XCover over a long distance or recharge it via the cigarette lighter to avoid reaching your destination with a discharged device.

In case of problems, do not hesitate to consult an expert who will help you use the GPS on your Samsung Galaxy XCover.

Does Samsung XCover Pro have GPS?

The phone runs on the Android 10.0 operating system + One User Interface 2. The Samsung Galaxy XcoverSamsung Galaxy XcoverThe Samsung Galaxy Xcover (GT-S5690) is a water and dust proof IP67 rated smartphone manufactured by Samsung that runs the Android operating system. It was announced and released by Samsung in August 2011. The Galaxy Xcover is succeeded by the Xcover 2. › wiki › Samsung_Galaxy_XcoverSamsung Galaxy Xcover – Wikipedia Pro comes in a single color Black. It features Bluetooth, NFC enabled, GPS, and USB type C. It comes with active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic and has 3.5mm jack.

Where is my GPS on my Samsung phone?

– Open your phone’s Settings app.
– Tap Security & Location. Location. If you don’t find “Security & Location,” tap Location.
– Tap Mode.
– Select a mode: High accuracy: Use GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and sensors to get the most accurate location.

How do I turn on GPS on my Samsung Galaxy phone?

Launch the Settings app, and then select Location. Step 2. If the switch at the top is Off, turn it On. Alternatively, you can swipe down on the screen to bring up the Quick panel, and then tap the Location icon to enable or disable location services.

Can I use my Samsung phone as a GPS?

Your Galaxy phone includes a GPS antenna to track real-time location data. You can easily turn on and off location service on your phone. You can also improve location accuracy to get more accurate location services.

How to Enable Location in SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover 5 – Turn ON/OFF Device Location

5 ancillary questions

What causes GPS to lose signal?

Common causes include: Satellite signal blockage due to buildings, bridges, trees, etc. Indoor or underground use. Signals reflected off buildings or walls (“multipath”)Mar 3, 2022

Can I use my Android phone as a GPS?

Why is my GPS suddenly not working?

Walls, vehicle roofs, tall buildings, mountains, and other obstructions can block line of sight to GPS satellites. NOTE: A GPS signal is strongest under the clear sky. If you can’t see the sky, you’ll have a weak GPS signal and your position on the map might not be correct.

Why is my GPS not working on my Samsung phone?

Re-activate GPS by turning off and on the Location icon in Quick Panel. And then, go to the app Maps to see if the current location is accurate.

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