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How to configure connection sharing on Fairphone 2?

Today you can have an internet connection including your Fairphone 2, which can be included in your telephone plan.

Although you may be able to purchase an internet key for your laptop when you are traveling, you may have another option that may be cheaper: modem mode or connection sharing from your Fairphone 2. This system available on your Fairphone 2 is widespread and very convenient especially when you need internet on your computer when traveling or when a friend urgently needs an internet connection.

That’s why we’re going to talk to you about this topic and how to share your connection from your Fairphone 2. We will explain how to set up modem mode on Fairphone 2 via Wi-Fi, using your USB cable and finally Bluetooth.

Configure modem mode on your Fairphone 2 via Wi-Fi

Before you begin this operation, make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi network and that this connection works correctly to enable Wi-Fi connection sharing on your Fairphone 2. First, first go to the settings of your Fairphone 2 and then click on the section “Wireless and network” or “Wi-Fi”. Then press “More” where several actions will appear before your eyes.

On this section, click “Connection Sharing” or “Mobile Network Sharing” or “Connection Sharing and Mobile Access Point”, the title may vary depending on the version of Android installed on your Fairphone 2. Finally, simply click on “Mobile Access Point” where you will be able to configure your Wi-Fi hotspot from your Fairphone 2 by entering a password.

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This will allow you to protect your connection.

When you connect your Fairphone 2 to your computer or to a friend’s mobile, the password will be required so that an outside person can not enjoy your connection.

The small plus of the modem mode by Wi-Fi is that you can rename the Wi-Fi connection of your Fairphone 2 so that it is easier to find.

Configure the modem mode on your Fairphone 2 using a USB cable

This method enables connection sharing of your Fairphone 2 via a USB cable connected to your PC. First, make sure your mobile networks are enabled for modem operation and connect the USB cable of your Fairphone 2 to your computer.

As in the previous section, the first steps are similar.

First, go to the settings of your Fairphone 2 where you will click on the “Wireless & networks” section.

Then, just click “Connection Sharing” or “Mobile Network Sharing” or “Connection Sharing and Mobile Access Point”, the name may vary as in the previous paragraph. It’s from here that things change in relation to the Wi-Fi mode.

Press “USB Connection Sharing”. You have finished sharing the connection.

With this method, you do not need a password because your Fairphone 2 is directly connected to your computer.

Warning ! Enabling mobile data and using it on a computer will cause a drastic drop in your data and dataset, so use Wi-Fi.

Configuring modem mode on Fairphone 2 via Bluetooth

We will finish this article by configuring the modem mode on your Fairphone 2 via Bluetooth. Before you begin handling, make sure that the Bluetooth of your Fairphone 2 is turned on.

In addition, activate the Bluetooth of the device to which you want to share the connection.

As in the previous paragraphs, the first steps are similar.

First, first go to your Fairphone 2 settings and then go to the “Wireless & Network” section.

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From there you will need to click “Connection Sharing” or “Mobile Network Sharing” or “Connection Sharing and Mobile Access Point”, the category name may vary.

And now choose “Via Bluetooth” mode.

Once here, you just have to choose one of the devices that appears in the devices activated by the Bluetooth then to associate the two devices.

It’s over, connection sharing has been established.

However, we recommend that you use this method only as a last resort because it does not emit as well as the other two methods.

If you encounter problems, do not hesitate to contact a specialist or a technology expert who can help you to share your connection and put your Fairphone 2 in modem mode.

How do I share my phone’s data connection?

– Go to Settings.
– Do one of the following: Tap Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering .
– Choose whether to share via USB tethering, Wi‍-Fi hotspot, or Bluetooth tethering.

How do I enable Internet connection sharing?

– Press the. Windows key + X.
– Click. Change adapter options.
– Right-click the network adapter you are using with an internet connection (i.e., Ethernet or wireless adapter), then click. Properties.
– Click. Sharing.
– Tick the.
– Click.

How to enable internet connection sharing disabled by administrator?

– Start > Run > gpedit.msc.
– Navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/Network Connections.
– Disable the following policies: …
– Start > Run > regedit.

How do I allow other network users to connect to my computer’s Internet connection?

In the Network Connections window, find the network you wish to share, right-click the network, and select Properties (this would generally be a Wi-Fi connection). Select the Sharing tab. Click the checkbox for “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.”

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6 ancillary questions

Can you share your mobile data with someone else?

Using your phone to connect a laptop, tablet or even another phone to the internet is called tethering. It’s a bit like using 4GEE WiFi – but you can use either Bluetooth, USB cable or portable WiFi hotspot to connect your phone to another device.

How to allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connect Windows 11?

Right-click on the Wi-Fi option (or any other relevant option) and select Properties. Navigate to the Sharing tab. Check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection box and then press OK.

How can I use two network connections at the same time?

A load-balancing router combines all of your Internet connections into one massive broadcast. You can connect multiple modems with different wireless networks to your load-balancing router in order to process all of the modems’ connections. A two-connection load-balancing router will cost you between $40 and $90.

How do I allow multiple network connections?

– Open Control Panel.
– Go to Network and Sharing Center.
– Here you will see all the available active Internet connection.
– Select all the active connection (use CTRL+Click to select multiple connections)

What are 2 ways computers connect to the Internet?

A wired connection is usually done using a network cable (Cat 5 or Cat 6 network cable). A wireless connection (Wi-Fi) uses an 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n wireless network card.

How do I share Internet through Ethernet Windows 11?