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How to block anonymous calls on Sony Xperia M5 [1]

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How to block anonymous calls on Sony Xperia M5

Receiving anonymous calls can sometimes be annoying or even disturbing.

We show you here how to block them to avoid these hidden, anonymous or unknown calls and messages.

Block anonymous calls or messages using your Sony Xperia M5 Gmail account

It is often difficult to block anonymous or hidden calls and messages because the normal blocking procedure is to save the number and then block it.

Do not worry, there is a solution to this: register your ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Unknown’ contact in your Gmail account from your computer.

How to block anonymous calls on Sony Xperia M5 [2]

You can then record it with an unknown number.

Synchronize your Sony Xperia M5 to block anonymous calls

Once the number is saved to your Gmail account from your computer, you will need to sync your Sony Xperia M5. A new contact will then be created (the one you created from your computer). It is then that you can simply block it by using the menu of your Sony Xperia M5 from the card of your contact.

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Here you have blocked unknown or anonymous numbers.

You will not receive any unwanted ringing.

The prerequisite for this method is to have a Gmail account.

You can use the one that allowed you to create the Android profile of your Sony Xperia M5. You can also create a new one from Gmail if needed.

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Use a third-party application to block anonymous calls

Another solution, simpler than the previous one, though adding a new application to your menu, is to download an application dedicated to blocking unknown calls.

To do this you simply have to go into the Sony Xperia M5 Play Store and then type something like ‘blocking unknown calls’. You will then have a vast choice of applications to do this work. Do not hesitate to form your own opinion by carefully reading the comments of the users having this app.

An application in vogue and in view is ‘You Mail’. It will allow you to do this work effectively.

A great online help is available on this application and its use on the Sony Xperia M5.

The specific case of firewalls on Sony Xperia M5

Applications, called firewalls, allow you to only receive calls from your contact list.

This can be a good solution for blocking anonymous calls.

You can also set up such an application to stop receiving unwanted calls.

Unknown or anonymous calls will not even ring on your phone.

To conclude on blocking anonymous calls on Sony Xperia M5

We have just seen two methods to block anonymous calls on the Sony Xperia M5. Since you can not go through the traditional method of storing the number and then blocking it, we recommend that you use your Gmail account or a third-party application as described below. Finally, do not hesitate to consult an expert about Sony Xperia M5 in case of difficulty to block calls and unknown messages.

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We hope that this tutorial has been useful for you to forget this little hassle with your smartphone.