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How to block a phone number on Huawei P Smart?

Have you already received a text message or a call from a number not registered in your contacts? Don't worry, it's quite easy these days to get rid of hidden numbers, advertisements or telemarketers, even if they may be relentlessly trying to sell you a product.

This can be very unpleasant when text messages and calls are continuous.

That’s why you can block calls and text messages from a phone number. Before starting, to cut down on the time it takes, you could download an application dedicated to call blocking on the Play Store straight away.

Otherwise, we will explain through this article how to block a phone number on Huawei P Smart.

First, we will explain how to block a phone number from one of your contacts or from an unknown number.

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Secondly, we will explain how to block text messages from known and unknown senders.

Finally, we will conclude by explaining how it is possible to block phone numbers through third-party applications.

Block a phone number on Huawei P Smart

Block a phone number from one of your contacts

We’ll show you how to block the phone number of one of your contacts so that they stop calling and sending you texts.

Start by going to “Contacts” and tap on the contact you want to block. Then, press the menu key at the top left of your Huawei P Smart.

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You will see a menu where you will select “Block Number” or “Add to Auto Reject List”. The title may vary depending on the model you own.

If you want to add a phone number that is not registered in your contacts, it is also possible.

You will then have to do the same.

It’s over! You have blocked your contact.

However, even if you have successfully blocked this contact, you may still receive voicemail messages on your voicemail manager.

Block text messages from a contact

With your Huawei P Smart, you can also block text messages from a phone number. First, open the application “Messages” and then press the menu button located at the top left of your Huawei P Smart.

Then you will see a list and you will need to press “Settings”. Then click “More”. You will have access to more settings.

Check the box labeled “Spam settings” and you will have three choices:

  • Add to spam numbers: Add one of your contacts to the spam list
  • Add to the spam phrases: add all the text messages containing the sentences you have chosen beforehand and which will land in spam
  • Block unknown senders: blocks the reception of text messages from unsaved senders in your contacts

All you have to do is choose from the three options offered by your Huawei P Smart.

You will have the possibility to consult the text messages that have landed in the spam list to remove them if you wish. You can change your choice at any time and remove a number from spam or change the option at your convenience.

Use third-party applications to block a contact

If you do not want to use the features of your Huawei P Smart to block the contact you have chosen, you can download an application that will handle it.

Simply go to “Play Store” then type “Black List” or “Block Number”. You will see a multitude of applications to block a phone number. You can choose between free and paid applications.

Therefore, read carefully user’s notes and reviews to choose the application that best meets your expectations.

We have explained to you and detailed how to block text messages and calls from a phone number so that the person you have decided to block can no longer disturb you. If you encounter any problems while doing this, consult a friend or a professional who can help you.

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