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How to put or remove a blacklist contact on your Wiko View Prime

It is quite common if you want to remove or put a contact on the blacklist of your Wiko View Prime to block unwanted calls, messages or other unwanted requests from a particular number.

For example, you may want to block calls from advertising companies, or someone you do not want to have on the phone anymore.

Do not worry, managing your blacklist, or blocked list is easier than it sounds.

In this article we show you how to put a contact on your list of blocked numbers at first and then possibly rehabilitate this number by unsubscribing it from this list.

Block a contact and put it on a blacklist on Wiko View Prime

Save the number in your contacts

This may seem counter-intuitive, but to block a number, it is necessary that you save it in your list of contacts.

Our other articles on Wiko View Prime can help you.

In fact, it is from your list of contacts that you can put the number you want to block on your blacklist.

Add to the blacklist the number you want to block

To actually add the number to the blacklist on your Wiko View Prime, simply go to the contact containing the number in question, click on the ‘menu’ key of your Wiko View Prime, and select the ‘block this contact’ option or ‘add it to the blacklist’. That’s it, your contact is now added to the blacklist of your Wiko View Prime.

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This contact will not disturb you inappropriately anymore.

Use third-party applications to manage the Wiko View Prime blacklist

Many applications, free or paid, allow you to manage the Wiko View Prime blacklist. To download them, it is best to visit the Play Store of your Wiko View Prime.

By typing ‘blacklist numbers’ in the search bar, you will be able to access a lot of applications like ‘Mr Number’, ‘Call Blacklist’ or ‘Call Blocker’. We strongly recommend you to call a specialist if you are not sure about how to download safely these applications to your Wiko View Prime.

Reset a contact and remove it from the black list on your Wiko View Prime

Removing a contact from the blacklist is even easier.

Since the blocked number is saved in the contact list of your Wiko View Prime, simply go to the corresponding contact card, via the contact menu. Then click on the ‘menu’ button of your Wiko View Prime.

You can then simply uncheck the option ‘block this number’ so that your contact can call you again.

By doing so you have removed the number linked to the contact from your blacklist.

To conclude on the blacklist of your Wiko View Prime

We’ve just seen here how to put or remove an unwanted number from your blacklist.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

However, we recommend you to contact a professional or technology-savvy friend if you have not been able to do so. Indeed, some versions of Android are more complex to handle, and it could be so on your Wiko View Prime.

To conclude, do not hesitate to contact someone who is a telephony expert to help you.

What happens when you blacklist a contact?

The Blacklist is a list of phone numbers that you do not want to receive calls from. To block a call, add a phone number to the list. Contacts added to the blacklist will not be able to contact you anymore. You can add numbers to the blacklist via the contacts on your phone or manually.

How do I add a contact to blacklist?

– Access the call log.
– Enter the menu.
– Select the call settings option.
– Access the option Block numbers.
– Enter the number we want to block, choose it from the list of recent calls or from the contact book.

How do I remove a contact from blacklist?

– Open your Phone app .
– Tap More .
– Tap Settings. Blocked numbers.
– Next to the number you want to unblock, tap Clear. Unblock.

How do I block someone on my Wiko phone?

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8 ancillary questions

Can you be blacklisted for 30 years?

If you have an outstanding judgment, then it will be removed from your credit profile after five years, however, it will remain active for a period of thirty years. This thirty years of activity means that a credit provider, in essence, can hold you liable for your debt for a period of thirty years!

How do you put someone on blacklist on iPhone?

– Tap Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail. Tap. next to the number or contact you want to block, scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.
– Tap Contacts, tap the contact you want to block, scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.

How long can a person be blacklisted?

How long does blacklisting last? Once you have been blacklisted you will have a bad credit record for anything from 2 – 10 years, depending on the type of listing that you have against you, but even after this period of time a judgment can be issued against you if you have not paid the money that you owe.

What does blocked by blacklist mean?

A blacklist, in IT, is a collection of entities that are blocked from communicating with or logging into a computer, site or network. Blocked entities are typically identified as IP addresses, user IDs, domains, email addresses, MAC addresses or programs.

Is being blacklisted permanent?

Email blacklists are not permanent, though, and there are several actions you can take to prevent it from happening. It will also boost the odds that avoid spam complaints and that your messages will arrive in a recipient’s inbox.

How do I know if someone blocked my number from texting?

“The last message that you know was received and responded to…should have a ‘delivered’ status,” Lavelle explains. If, under the messages you’ve sent after that, you don’t see that “delivered” notification, that could mean that person has blocked you.

How do I remove a number from blacklist on Iphone?

– Swipe left on the contact or number you want to unblock.
– Tap Unblock.

How do you know if someone blacklisted your number?

“If you call a specific number and it immediately goes to voicemail, or you get a strange message such as ‘temporarily out of service’ or ‘the person is not taking calls,’ this may mean your number has been blocked,” Lavelle says. Maybe you did one of the things you shouldn’t be doing over text.