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How to put or remove a blacklist contact on your CAT S41

It is quite common if you want to remove or put a contact on the blacklist of your CAT S41 to block unwanted calls, messages or other unwanted requests from a particular number.

For example, you may want to block calls from advertising companies, or someone you do not want to have on the phone anymore.

Do not worry, managing your blacklist, or blocked list is easier than it sounds.

In this article we show you how to put a contact on your list of blocked numbers at first and then possibly rehabilitate this number by unsubscribing it from this list.

Block a contact and put it on a blacklist on CAT S41

Save the number in your contacts

This may seem counter-intuitive, but to block a number, it is necessary that you save it in your list of contacts.

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In fact, it is from your list of contacts that you can put the number you want to block on your blacklist.

Add to the blacklist the number you want to block

To actually add the number to the blacklist on your CAT S41, simply go to the contact containing the number in question, click on the ‘menu’ key of your CAT S41, and select the ‘block this contact’ option or ‘add it to the blacklist’. That’s it, your contact is now added to the blacklist of your CAT S41. This contact will not disturb you inappropriately anymore.

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Use third-party applications to manage the CAT S41 blacklist

Many applications, free or paid, allow you to manage the CAT S41 blacklist. To download them, it is best to visit the Play Store of your CAT S41. By typing ‘blacklist numbers’ in the search bar, you will be able to access a lot of applications like ‘Mr Number’, ‘Call Blacklist’ or ‘Call Blocker’. We strongly recommend you to call a specialist if you are not sure about how to download safely these applications to your CAT S41.

Reset a contact and remove it from the black list on your CAT S41

Removing a contact from the blacklist is even easier.

Since the blocked number is saved in the contact list of your CAT S41, simply go to the corresponding contact card, via the contact menu. Then click on the ‘menu’ button of your CAT S41. You can then simply uncheck the option ‘block this number’ so that your contact can call you again.

By doing so you have removed the number linked to the contact from your blacklist.

To conclude on the blacklist of your CAT S41

We’ve just seen here how to put or remove an unwanted number from your blacklist.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

However, we recommend you to contact a professional or technology-savvy friend if you have not been able to do so. Indeed, some versions of Android are more complex to handle, and it could be so on your CAT S41. To conclude, do not hesitate to contact someone who is a telephony expert to help you.

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